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Photo Gallery

Consulate participates in the Boao Tourism Int'l Alliance Annual Meet in Zhangjiajie

From December 26-27, 2014 the Indian Consulate, Guangzhou participated in the 2014: Annual Conference of China Boao Tourism International Alliance (BTIA), which took place in the city of Zhangjiajie in Hunan Province.

BTIA is a Haikou-headquartered national non-profit organization comprised mainly of Chinese travel enterprises. Officially established on 24th June 2014 BTIA has over 1000 Travel Agencies as its members representing China’s 31 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan as well as overseas regions. The goal of the Alliance is to develop itself into one of the most innovative, cultural, dynamic, cooperative and productive tourism alliances.

Indian delegation for the meeting included:

Mr. K. Nagaraj Naidu, Consul General

Mr. Tarun Kumar, Consul (Visa & Tourism)

Ms. Deepa Laskar, Director, India Tourism Office, Beijing

Ms. Nerissa, Assistant, India Tourism Office, Beijing

On Dec 27, 2014 Mr. Tarun Kumar, Consul (Visa & Tourism) at this Post made his introductory remarks at the session on “Destination Promotion”. Ms. Deepa Laskar, Director, India Tourism Office, Beijing also delivered a short speech. A detailed presentation on India as tourism presentation was made by Ms. Nerissa, Assistant at ITO, Beijing. The presentation was well received by the participants. ITO Beijing also distributed a number of tourism brochures and publicity material among the participants.

India was the first country to be accorded the “Country of Honour” status at the Alliance’s first year-end gathering. The two-day meeting saw participation by a total of 520 members representing travel agencies from all over China.

On the sidelines of the annual gathering the Indian delegation had separate discussions with the Board Members of BTIA and other major Chinese travel agencies. India is celebrating Year 2015 as the "Visit India Year" in China. 

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Consulate organizes Film Festival in 4 Sichuan-based universities

As part of the “Glimpses of India Festival”, the Consulate General of India, Guangzhou with the support of the Chengdu Foreign Affairs Office organized a “Film Week” simultaneously at four institutions - Sichuan Normal University, Southwestern University of Finance and Economics, Sichuan Conservatory of Music and Chengdu University from December 18 to 24, 2014. A total of 8 movies (approved by China’s State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television) including Jodhaa Akbar, Zindagi Na Milegi Doobara, Oh My God!, Bhaag Milkha Bhaag, Taare Zameen Par, Maniadikuru, Queen, Dil Chahtahai will be shown during the film week.
The Film Festival was inaugurated on the evening of December 18th with an official ceremony at the Sichuan Normal University. Prior to the official ceremony, Consul General Mr. K. Nagaraj Naidu had a meeting with Mr. Zhou Jieming, President of Sichuan Normal University (SNU) and discussed possibilities of cooperation between a comparable university in India. 
The official inaugural ceremony included speeches by Mr. Lu Sheng, Director General of Chengdu FAO, Dr. Song Zhihui, Party Secretary of Institute of South Asian Studies, Sichuan Univeristy, Mr. K. Nagaraj Naiduj, Consul General of India and Mr. Zhou Jieming, Presdient of Sichuan Normal University. The speeches were followed by a very interesting presentation on the theme of “Culture of Indian cinema” by Prof You Song of Sichuan Normal University. The inaugural ceremony also included a dance performance by a student of Sichuan University. The inaugural film, “Zindagi Na Milegi Doobara” was attended by a total of 205 people.

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Consulate organizes Tourism Road Show in Chengdu, December 19, 2014
On December 19, 2014 the Consulate General of India, Guangzhou along with the Chengdu Foreign Affairs Office (FAO) and the Chengdu Tourism Bureau organized an “India Tourism Road Show” at the Jinjiang Hotel in Chengdu. The seminar is part of the series of tourism road shows that the Consulate has organized as a run up to the 2015 Visit India Year.

At the invitation of the Consulate the following Indian Travel Agencies participated in the seminar.  

1.     Mr. Amaresh Tiwari, A.T. Seasons & Vacations Travel Pvt Ltd
2.     Mr. Arvind Kumar, Trail Blazer Tours India Pvt. Ltd.
3.     Mr. Yadvender Singh, Indian Legends Holidays Pvt. Ltd.
4.     Mr. Baibhab Das, Prakriti Inbound (Beijing Office)
5.     Mr. Yubao Lv, Travel Corporation (India) Ltd. (Beijing Office)
6.     Ms. Xu Wuwu, Top Travel & Tours Pvt. Ltd.
7.     Mr. Deepak Prajapathi, Yogi Sutra Foundation (Guangzhou Office)
Ms. Deepa Laskar, Director, India Tourism Office, Beijing and her assistant Ms. Li Huimin also participated in the seminar. From the Chinese side, officials from the Chengdu FAO, Chengdu Tourism Bureau, and Chengdu Tourism Association attended the seminar. A total of 76 participants representing 35 travel agencies, media persons and airline companies participated in the seminar and B2B meeting.

Consul General Mr. K. Nagaraj Naidu in his speech briefed the participants about the different tourist circuits in India and encouraged Chinese travel agents to look beyond the “Golden Triangle”. He asked the travel agents to actively promote beach, spa & ayurveda, desert, and adventure tourism in India. He also told the travel agents not to sell “cheap” packages to India promising Chinese travellers a 5-day tour of the “Golden Triangle” and stay in so-called “Indian-style Five Star Hotels” for as low as RMB 4,500. Such packages were not only under-selling the India experience, but also denying Chinese travellers good land arrangements. He assured the travel agencies that for large groups the Consulate is willing to assist them in their visa filing process. He also assured the travel agencies that tourist visas will be issued within 24 hours and that travel agencies in Chengdu can send their applications via courier service directly to BLS in Guangzhou. A number of travel related videos were played during the seminar.

Indian Travel Agencies which participated in the seminar introduced new tourism packages. The Post also helped the Travel Agencies by having their presentations edited and translated into Chinese. M/s Prakriti Inbound which has an office in Beijing introduced their new websites -  http://ibe.yindulvyou.com and http://ibe.himaya.com.cn. Mr. Baibhab Das of Prakriti said that Chinese travelers can customize their itineraries, book hotels and make payments by visiting these websites. All content on these websites are in Chinese.
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Consulate organizes Business Seminar in Chengdu, Dec 18, 2014
On December 18, 2014 the Consulate General of India, Guangzhou along with the Chengdu Foreign Affairs Office organized a business seminar in Xindu district of Chengdu city. Participants from the Indian side apart from the Consulate officials included the following:
1. M. C. Dinesh, Vice President of the Federation of Karnataka Chambers of Commerce and Industry
2. Mr. T. Valliappa, President, Bangalore Chamber of Commerce and Industry
3. Mr. Saqib Mohammed, Secretary General, India China Economic and Cultural Council; Mr. Anil Bharadwaj, Secretary General of the Federation of Indian Micro and Small & Medium Enterprises,

4. Mr. B. Praveen, Member, ICEC;
5. Mr. D. K. Sareen, Executive Director of Electronics and Computer Software Export Promotion Council,
6. Mr. Nalin Kohli, President of Association of Small & Medium Knowledge Industries.
7. Mr. Jagat Shah, Managing Director, Cluster Pulse
8. Mr. Vinod Sharma, Managing Director, Deki Electronics
9. Mr. Nazimuddin Farooqi, CEO, Markaz HK Ltd.
10. Mr. Arvind Raghav, Director, Dun & Bradstreet Information Services India Pvt. Ltd.
11. Mr. Prasad Vemula, Director, Medi Infotech

136 members representing 49 Chinese enterprises and 17 journalists representing various Sichuan-based media houses participated in the business seminar.

Consul General Mr. K. Nagaraj Naidu made a presentation on the “Make in India” initiative and encouraged Sichuan-based enterprises to consider India as an investment destination. Since a large number of participants were from the Electronics sector, my presentation focussed on opportunities in this sector. I explained to the participants in detail about the National Policy of Electronics, setting up of Electronic Manufacturing Clusters as well as the Modified Special Incentive Package Scheme.

Representatives from various Indian and regional chambers also made presentations on specific sectors and projects. Information on India and potential areas of investment (in Chinese) was circulated among all the participants. The seminar was followed by a lively Q&A Session and B2B meetings. At the end of the seminar a “B2B” portal was launched to facilitate greater flow of business opportunities between India and Sichuan-based enterprises.

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Performance by Guangzhou Song and Dance Ensemble at Ahmedabad in December, 2014

 An 11-member dance troupe from Guangzhou performed at Kankaria Carnival organised by the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation in December, 2014 to promote cultural relations between sister cities of Ahmedabad and Guangzhou.

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10th Kolkata 2 Kunming Forum held in Kunming from Nov 24 to 26, 2014

The 10th K2K Forum took place in Kunming from November 24 to 26, 2014. The 22-member Indian delegation, which included government officials (from West Bengal, Bihar and Manipur), scholars and business representatives, was led by Former Indian Foreign Secretary Shri Krishnan Srinivasan. Since the forum was celebrating its 10th year in operation, to commemorate the occasion on sidelines of the forum the Indian side organized an “East India Handicrafts Exhibition” and a “India Culture Evening”.

On Nov 25, 2014 the Indian delegation had a meeting with Mr. Qiu He, Deputy Secretary General, Yunnan CPC. Mr. Qiu said that the K2K forum had been playing a significant role in promoting relations between China’s southwest and India’s eastern and northeastern regions. He said that with the leadership of the two countries recognizing the importance of BCIM-Economic Corridor, both sides need to focus on developing the physical corridors that will ensure greater people-to-people exchanges and greater trade flows. Qiu said that the Chinese government in the last one decade has embarked on a policy of “trans-national connectivity”. He said that this policy is part of China’s efforts to internationalize and to bring prosperity and economic growth to other parts of the world. Mr. Srinivasan in his remarks said that he fully supported the idea of connectivity and called for joint projects that could be undertaken by the BCIM countries to improve not only physical connectivity, but also to improve understanding among the people of the BCIM region to the possible advantages of the corridor.

The two-day forum saw presentations by both Chinese and Indian participants on a wide array of topics including – how to foster greater economic and cultural linkages, agriculture cooperation, tourism flows, S&T cooperation and narrowing of trust-deficit. As in previous years the last day of the forum saw the signing of a agreements/MoUs. MoUs were concluded between Zee TV and Yunnan International TV Channel, and M/s Lochan Tea and M/s Zhonglin Luyuan Tea Blossom R&D Center. The Yunnan Nationalities University (YNU) announced that it would be setting up a Yoga College next year within the university. The Yoga College, the first such institution in China, will have Indian faculty with expertise in the fields of yoga, philosophy and religious studies. YNU also announced the setting up of the India-China Education Alliance. The Alliance comprising of Yunnan Nationalities University, Central Nationalities University, Beijing Languages University, Yunnan University, JNU, Amity University, Enterprise Development Institute, Tagore University, Kalyani University and Vidyasagar University will facilitate exchange of faculty and students between the participating institutions and also promote culture and language-related programs.

The closing ceremony was presided by the Vice Governor of Yunnan Province Mr. Gao Shuxun. 



在为期两天的论坛上,中印双方的参会代表就广泛的议题展开讨论:发展更密切的经济和文化联动关系、农业合作、旅游客流量、科技合作和减少信任赤字。和往年一样,论坛最后一天签署了一系列协议和备忘录。印度ZEE TV电视台与云南国际频道、印度罗禅茶国际有限公司与中林绿源(北京)茶树花研究发展中心分别签署了备忘录。云南民族大学宣布明年将在学校里成立瑜伽学院。这会是中国首个该类学院,将聘请印度大师传授瑜伽、哲学和宗教等学科。云南民族大学也宣布成立中印联盟大学。该联盟由云南民族大学、中央民族大学、北京语言大学、云南大学、印度尼赫鲁大学、艾米提大学、印度企业发展学院、泰戈尔大学、卡亚尼大学和维特萨卡大学组成,将安排师生互访,推广语言文化课程。



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Consulate organises India Photographic Exhibition

The Consulate General of India in Guangzhou in collaboration with Guangdong University of Foreign Studies (GDUFS), Guangzhou is organising India Photographic exhibition in the Library of GDUFS. The opening ceremony of the photo exhibition was held on November 20, 2014 and the exhibition will continue for one month. Consul General along with President of the GDUFS Dr Zhong Wei He inaugurated the exhibition. The photos in the exhibition have been chosen from 'India is' photographic challenge conducted by the Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India, New Delhi in the year 2012 and 2013. The photographs depicting different facets of India including its rich culture, architectural marvels, spirituality and nature are being showcased. Besides, we have also included some photos about the recent visit of President Xi Jinping to India and signing of Guangdong-Gujarat and Ahmedabad-Guangzhou agreements. The event received an overwhelming response from the students, teachers and media representatives. The opening ceremony also had a Yoga demonstration by famous Yoga guru Deepak Prajapati from Yoga Sutra. Her also invited audience present to participate in yoga performance along with him.




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BJP MPs/MLAs delegation visit Guangzhou

A delegation of BJP MPs/MLAs from India is presently on a visit to China on the invitation of the International Liaison Department of the Communist Party of China. The delegation consisting of five members of Parliament and seven members of the Legislative Assemblies of Karnataka, Bihar, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh will be visiting Guangzhou and Beijing from November 15-21, 2014. The delegation is being led by Mr. Bhagat Singh Koshyari, Member of Parliament and former Chief Minister of Uttarakhand. The main aim of the visit is to understand China's internal party structure, political functioning and its role in establishing a welfare society, as well as to meet Chinese party leaders, government functionaries and grassroot workers. During their stay in Guangzhou, the delegation visited the Consulate on November 16. Consul General Mr. K. Nagaraj Naidu interacted with the delegation and made a presentation on China. Consul General also hosted a dinner reception in honour of the delegation.


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Visit to Medical College, Xiamen University on 27 October, 2014

Consul General Mr. K. Nagaraj Naidu, accompanied by Mr. Tarun Kumar, Consul (Visa & Tourism) visited the Medical College at Xiamen University on 27th October, 2014.  During the visit, Consulate officials had interactions with Dean Mr. Zuguo Liu, Vice Dean Mr. Qi Zhongquan and other senior officers of the Medical College.  Vice Dean of the College made a brief presentation about the University wherein he mentioned that since the establishment of the Medical College in 1996, Indian students constituted about 90 % of the total foreign student intake at the college.  He informed that Indian students were very hardworking and the university took all care to ensure that their stay was comfortable.  Consul General appreciated the efforts made by the University for welfare of Indian students and informed that Consulate could be approached any time in case any assistance was required with regard to Indian students at the College.  Consul General also interacted with some Indian students studying at the Medical College and received positive feedback from them about their studies and experience at Xiamen University.   

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"Make in India" initiative launched in Guangzhou

The "Make-in-India" initiative of Prime Minister Modi has been launched in South and West China by the Consulate on September 25, 2014 through a seminar which was attended by 210 representatives of 152 leading Chinese enterprises. The Consualte organized this event with the support of the Guangdong and Guangzhou sub-councils. Consul General K. Nagaraj Naidu made a detailed presentation on the investment opportunities that are available in India. He told the potential investors about the initiatives launched by the new government and the efforts that are being made to ease the process of doing business in India. He talked at length about the various pro-business policies that have been launched by the various state governments, as well as the FDI policy. All participants were given information on the FDI policy in India, as well as sector-specific information in Chinese. The seminar was followed by a lively Q&A session. The invitees also listened to the speech made by Hon'ble Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Singh Modi.
In order to ensure that the participants gain maximum out of the seminar, the Consulate organized the event in three separate sessions. The morning session (0930 to 1200 hrs) which was attended by 101 participants representing 60 companies covered the infrastructure sector (industrial corridors, roads, airports and energy), the afternoon session (1400-1630 hrs) which was attended by 67 participants representing 51 companiescovered the electronics and machinery sector and the evening session (1730-2000 hrs) which was attended by 42 participants representing 41 companies covered the textiles, pharmaceuticals and food processing sectors. Participants in the afternoon session were able to watch Hon'ble Prime Minister's address. Since the speech was made in Hindi, the Post organized consecutive interpretation from Hindi into Chinese. A recorded version of PM's speech was shown to the attendees of the evening session. 

Enterprises in Guangdong province, the manufacturing hub of China, have demonstrated a keen interest in manufacturing in India. The recent visit of President Xi Jinping to India and the signing of agreements between Guangdong Province and Gujarat State and the cities of Guangzhou and Ahmadabad respectively have created a lot of excitement about the business opportunities between the two sides. 
The Consulate had provided all attendees a "Business Kit", which comprised of a "Guidebook for Investing in India", as well as sector-specific information. All promotional material was translated and printed in Chinese. 
Each of the three sessions witnessed lively Q&A sessions. 

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Indian Film Festival held in Guangzhou

An Indian Film Festival is being held in Guangzhou from September 19-26, 2014. The Consulate is organising the festival with the support from Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, Government of India to celebrate 2014 as a Year of Friendly Exchanges between India and China. Eight Indian Films including Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara, Queen, Jodhaa Akbar, Manjadikuru, Dil Chahta Hai, Taare Zameen Par, Oh My God and Bhaag Milkha Bhaag with Chinese sub-titles are being screened. The festival is being held in Guangzhou in collaboration with Hua Ying Wan Sheng Cinema. The opening ceremony of festival was held on September 19, 2014. A large number of local Chinese including academicians, enterprenures, students, government officials and media persons attended te opening ceremony. The Consulate presented bollywood CDs, Indian books and Indian wine to some of the guests through lucky draw contest. Consul General Mr. K. Nagaraj Naidu addressed the ceremony and spoke on the growing world wide popularity of bollywood and how it is getting increasingly popular in China. The opening ceremony was followed by the screening of the movie Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara. The movie was highly appreacited by the audience.

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Xi Jinping's Visit to India, Sept 17-19, 2014

On September 17, 2014 Chinese President Xi Jinping arrived in the western Indian city of Ahmedabad starting his three-day visit to India. This is President Xi's first trip to India since he took office in March 2013, and also the first state visit in eight years by a Chinese president to the country. At the airport, Xi was presented with flowers by each minister of Gujarat and greeted by Indian youths performing local traditional dance. Thousands of citizens stood along the streets in Ahmedabad to extend their welcome with warm applause when the convoy of the Chinese delegation was en route from the airport to the hotel. 

In a written speech delivered at the airport, Xi extended the Chinese people's sincere greetings and good wishes to the Indian people. China and India, as neighbours, have kept friendly exchanges for thousands of years, Xi said. Since entering the new century, Xi said, China and India have become the two largest developing nations and emerging-market economies in the world, two important forces in the world's multi-polarization process, and also two main engines that drive Asia's economic growth. "It is the shared expectation of both peoples for the two nations of ancient civilizations to realize rejuvenation hand in hand," Xi said. "The Chinese side is willing to work with the Indian side to forge a closer development partnership and jointly realize our great dreams of building strong and prosperous nations," he said.

In the afternoon President Xi accompanied by his spouse Peng Liyuan visited the Sabarmati Ashram of Mahatma Gandhi where they were received by Modi and Gujarat Chief Minister Anandi Patel on the gates of tranquil Sabarmati Ashram, located on the banks of river Sabarmati. Prime Minister Narendra Modi gifted the President a copy of the Gita written in Chinese language. Modi and Patel offered cotton garlands to Xi and accompanied him to different rooms in the ashram which was home of the Mahatma for about 12 years and his wife Kasturba Gandhi. Later, Xi paid homage to an idol of Gandhi there. The Chinese President wore an Indian look as he was attired in an off-white khadi jacket presented to him by Modi soon after his arrival.

The Chinese President and Modi spent a few minutes at Hriday Kunj in the Ashram, where Xi operated the “charkha” (spinning wheel). The Sabarmati Ashram Trust presented a replica of the charkha (spinning wheel), originally used by Gandhi during his stay in Yervada jail near Pune, to the Chinese President. Xi was also given a copy of the original certificate, given to Gandhi by the people of Chinese origin in South Africa in 1915. Prime Minister Modi also presented mementos, including books and a painting on Gandhi, to Xi on the occasion.

Xi and the First Lady later visited the Sabarmati riverfront and were accompanied by the Prime Minister. The couple then witnessed the glimpses of Gujarati culture. The two leaders sat on a swing for a few moments. The President and his wife also sat on a traditional cot, before joining Modi for a private dinner on the riverfront. Dinner was laid out in a massive white Swiss tent right on the riverfront. A 150-dish Gujarati banquet was served. On the menu were traditional delicacies like Khaman and Dhokla.

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Consulate celebrates Hindi Divas

The Consulate celebrated Hindi Divas (Hindi Day) on September 14, 2014 in the cosulate premises. As a part of the celebration, a Hindi essay writing competition on "Modi Sarkar ke Sou Din" and peom recitation was organised among the members of the Consulate. All the India-based members of the Consulate  took active particiaption in both the events. They  also enacted an one act play in Hindi entitled "Khiladiram Ki Chaturayi". Consul General Mr K Nagaraj Naidu addressed the occasion and spoke on the growing importance of Hindi language. The activities was followed by prize distribution and light refreshmnts. Hindi Divas is celebrated on the 14th of September because on this day in 1949, the Constituent Assembly of India had adopted Hindi written in Devnagari script as the Official Language of the Republic of India.

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Consulate organises India Tourism Promotion Seminar in Guangzhou

The Consulate General of India organised an Indian Tourism Promotion Seminar in Guangzhou on August 29, 2014. The seminar was organised on the sidelines of China (Guangdong) International Tourism Industry Expo held in Guangzhou from August 29-31.The seminar was attended by Ms. Deepa Laskar, Director, India Tourism Office, Beijing besides participation by the representatives of Indian travel companies including Era Travels, NCS Travels, Trail Blazer India and Travel Corporation of India Limited. A large number of local travel companies operating from Guangdong Province and representatives of local media participated in the seminar. Ms. Deepa Laskar made a presentation on India Tourism focusing on luxury and wellness tourism. All the representatives of Indian travel companies introduced tour packages and also made presentations on India as an attractive tourist destination. Speaking on the occasion, Mr. K. Nagaraj Naidu, Consul General asked local tour operators to send more people to India and also offered to provide all assistance in facilitating visa for visiting India.

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Condolence meeting organised in Guangzhou to pay tributes to B K S Iyengar

The condolence meeting ito pay tributes to renowned Yoga master B.K.S. Iyengar who is lovingly known as Guruji was held in Guangzhou on August 23, 2014. Guruji died in Pune on August 20, 2014 at the age of 95. The condolence meeting was organised by the Consulate in association with the Iyengar Yoga Institute of China. More than 300 Yoga practitioners including teachers and students participated in the condolence meeting. The meeting started with chanting of hymns followed by floral offerings and lighting of lamps. During the event, students who had the good fortune of being taught by the Guruji spoke about their experiences and offered their prayers. The office bearers of the Iyengar Yoga Institute of China including Mr. Chen Si, Director and Ms.Louise Shum, President spoke about their association with the Guruji and how he has been considered as an important cultural ambassador of India to China. Consul General Mr. K. Nagaraj Naidu delivered the concluding remarks and talked about the important facets of Guruji’s life and teachings and how he was able to popularize yoga in its real form all over the world.

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